Maps 4 & 5: Kilbeggan Zoning & Objectives

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Map 4: Kilbeggan Zoning

Map 5: Kilbeggan Objectives




Submission from Killbeggan Medical Centre re: Zoning of Land Kilbeggan
The site in question has been partly zoned as residential in the Draft Development Plan.  There is existing planning permission on this site for a GP Practice, Primary Care Centre and...
Submission from Barry Egan re: Change of Zoning to land on Moate Road, Kilbeggan
Land which has been granted permission and is currently being developed has been changed from its current zoning.  The land in question is shown on page 6 of Volume 2 Book of Maps and is...
Submission from Abbeybrook Co-ownership re: Review of zoning objectives for lands at Abbeybrook, Kilbeggan
Please see attached report.
Submission from the Combined Counties Football League re: Request to re-zone Folio Number WH5957, Clara Road, Kilbeggan.
The Executive Committee of the Combined Counties Football League would like to make this formal submission requesting re-zoning of 4.98 hectares listed in Folio No. WH5957 from its current zoning...